Solving problems

Arc8 does now work on my phone

We support versions of Android 7.1 or later and iPhone 14.2 or later to ensure the best possible experience. If this is possible, update your operating system.
We keep pushing updates and fixes of the applications, make sure you have the newest Arc8 app version as well.

I cannot withdraw my GMEE token

Use the withdraw button in the wallet section of Arc8 application once you get access. You can move your tokens from Arc8 Pay to Arc8 Wallet or your own wallet. You need 5 GMEE minimum and your wallet has to support Polygon Network.

After withdrawing token from Arc8, I cannot see it in my wallet

When withdrawing GMEE from Arc8 Wallet, make sure you are sending it to a wallet that supports Polygon network or switch the wallet to Polygon network. Make sure you add custom token GAMEE on Polygon with the right contract address.
Find a full walkthrough here:
How to withdraw GMEE from Arc8 to your blockchain wallet
Last modified 1mo ago