How to win money on GAMEE Prizes?

You can win cash by competing on the daily ticket leaderboard, spinning the Wheel of Fortune for 7 days in a row, and joining lucky games where you can win direct cash several times a day. In addition, you can win money by participating in the Sunday’s contest, where you can get up to $500.
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When can I withdraw my prize?

Whenever you reach $10 on your GAMEE account, you can withdraw it using PayPal account. We will ask you to fill in personal details to check eligibility for the prize. No worries, nothing complicated..

How does the daily leaderboad work?

Every 24h, players compete on the amount of tickets they earn. The more tickets you earn that day, the higher you rank and the bigger the cash and tickets rewards you can get.

How do lucky games work?

Get your lucky numbers to participate in the Lucky Games. When the timer ends, one lucky number is drawn. If you have it, you will get your cash prize directly onto your balance!

How to join the daily jackpot lotto?

Every 12 hours you can join the Jackpot Lotto where you can win up to $10,000! Choose your combination of numbers, and check how many matches you get once the lotto ends. The more matching numbers, the higher the cash prize you win!
Last modified 7mo ago