Blockchain Meets Gaming Entertainment

This page is no longer kept up-to-date. You will find what you're looking for on the GAMEE Wiki.

GAMEE is a high-engagement, play-and-earn mobile gaming platform that rewards players for skill and effort. GAMEE’s products Arc8 and G-Bots are the new frontiers of casual mobile gaming in the metaverse, powered by the GMEE token, the utility token that enables access, action, and governance of the platform.
In addition to dozens of original games, GAMEE also develops games in collaboration with internationally famous brands including NASA, Guinness World Records, Manchester City Football Club and ATARI.
GAMEE was founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic. It has over 40 million registered users and has served over 5.3 billion gameplay sessions and is part of Animoca Brands family.
Our mission is to recognize and reward players skill, effort and loyalty and introduce the value of blockchain to mainstream gamers.
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