This page is no longer kept up-to-date. You will find what you're looking for on the GAMEE Wiki.

Decentralization is one of the keys to future gaming ecosystems. No single entity controls the game but the power is transferred to the players.
For G-Bots Metaverse it is a continuous process.
In the first phase, it means that new G-Bots are created directly by players and can be further upgraded and evolved.
As the next step, these features are transferred from GAMEE to Landowners within the Metaverse.
Upgrading - each G-Bot has certain stats which contribute towards its overall power. Players can improve their G-Bot to perform better within G-Bot Games and thus have a higher chance of beating their opponents. Did we also mention that G-bots with more power are more valuable and earn more tokens?
👶 Breeding - players can choose to combine up to five existing G-Bots to create new NFTs, Baby Bots!
🌎 Land - the digital real estate within the G-Bot Metaverse. Landowners can decide what they want to build - whether it is a place to let other players upgrade, breed, fight, or one of many other things. Whichever they choose, there is profit to be made. Land can also be upgraded to improve odds for breeding and evolving.
🗳️ DAO - owning GMEE enables voting on important decisions such as Metaverse economy, game balancing, and new features.
More info coming soon.
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