GAMEE Platform
GAMEE Products powered by the GMEE Token

This page is no longer kept up-to-date. You will find what you're looking for on the GAMEE Wiki.

The GAMEE entertainment platform consists of:
  • Arc8 App: Arc8 is a high-adrenaline mobile gaming experience, offering skill-based gaming tournaments in casual-style games. The experience is powered by GMEE token, used for tournament entry fees and rewards. Arc8 introduces the first elements of play-to-earn on blockchain with rewards distributed across daily missions and season ranking rewards. ARENAs are virtual real estates (NFTs), that enable the community to run custom tournaments.
  • G-Bots: are robot-themed NFT collectibles on the blockchain, upgradeable and tradeable, granting their owners rewards when playing games on Arc8 and serving as game characters in their own dedicated play and earn games. The experience is powered by the GMEE token, used for character purchases, upgrades, tournament entries and rewards.
  • Prizes App: Prizes App is a gaming application on iOS, Android and web with over 80 casual-style games and ad-supported business model; Prizes app was launched back in 2015 and attracted a mass gaming audience of 30M users, that played over 4.7 billion gameplays. GMEE token will be introduced as a complementary reward for players and a way to onboard the current free-to-play audience into the play-to-earn blockchain experience.
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