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Prizes App is a free mobile gaming app, allowing users to earn rewards by playing free video games. With over 30M registered users and +4.7bn gameplays across all platforms, it counts with a strong global userbase of gamers.
Players complete game missions and various in-app activities and have a chance to win real money prizes. Over time, our players have earned over $9M in prizes. How is this possible? We share part of the revenue we earn from advertising back with gamers. The more we earn, the bigger the rewards and the more winners we can have every day.
The Flow of Onboarding Players to Crypto Prizes App will offer complementary and limited amount of prizes in the form of vouchers to GMEE token that will be claimable only inside Arc8 Application. This flow will serve as a way to onboard our large free-to-play audience into the crypto world.
Token prize pools will be tiered based on the activity of the whole community: the higher activity, the higher prize pool unlocks and backed with advertising revenue.
  • Community engagement is measured in earned tickets. Tickets are off-chain gaming activity points, that can be only earned through playing, not purchased and serve as a proxy to advertising revenue.
Monthly Active Users (Prizes App iOS + Android)
Maximum Monthly Reward Pool, in GMEE
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