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2021 was about building the foundation of blockchain-powered entertainment for a mass gaming audience.
In 2022, we are rolling out the play & earn experience across our games, while building tools and mechanisms for the community to have more impact on the growth, decision-making, and participate in the success of the platform.

H1 2021

GMEE Lightpaper v0.9 released
GMEE Public pre-sale, vouchers, 5M GMEE token sold out in 7 minutes
GMEE Uniswap launch + listing on MXC, Kucoin
GMEE First & Second Staking event live, voucher unlock event

H2 2021

GMEE listing on Bitmart, SushiSwap
GMEE Bridge to Polygon, listing on QuickSwap
GMEE Third Staking event live, rewarded GMEE-ETH Liquidity Arc8 Web - Launch
Arc8 App - Pre-season live, 10 games
G-Bots - Pre-sale & public sale of 1st Edition packs, sold out in 4 minutes

H1 2022

GMEE - Staking Events 2.0, both $GMEE on ETH & MATIC
$ET - Play to Earn token launch
Arc8 App - Seasons & Player Progression
Arc8 App - Exclusive Tournaments for G-Bot owners
Arc8 App - Sponsor tokens
Arc8 App - Land pre-sale Arc8 App - New games
G-Bots - Packs Opening, 1st, and 2nd Mini-Game
G-Bots - Staking Launch
G-Bots - Starters introduction

H2 2022

GMEE - Staking Events 2.0, both $GMEE on ETH & MATIC
Arc8 App - Sponsors & NFT support
Arc8 App - Achievements & play offs
Arc8 App - New games
Arc8 App - Land sale & staking
G-Bots - Breeding, Evolution & Baby bots
G-Bots - New game launch
G-Bots - Game LAND introductioj
G-Bots - Gamified staking


Arc8 App - Live Multiplayer
Arc8 App - DAO voting v 1.0
Arc8 App - Custom sponsor events
Arc8 App - 3rd party Game developers support
Arc8 App - Interoperability with Open Worlds
G-Bots - Interoperability in Opened Metaverse
G-Bots - New games
The roadmap will be regularly updated. Last update March 2022.
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